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In an interview with Australian Broker, Abraham White, joint managing director and co-founder of Bizcap shed light on the pivotal role the firm plays in the SME lending landscape and the benefits of partnering with the lender.

Nov 2 2023

In today’s dynamic business landscape, small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in driving economic growth. Much of these businesses would have previously faced challenges securing adequate business finance.

Fortunately, the advent of innovative fintech solutions and the rise of non-bank lenders has revolutionized the small business lending space, making it easier than ever for SMEs to access capital.

May 24 2023

SMEs struggling to secure loans from banks can now turn to Bizcap for quick finance to fund their growth and meet their cash flow needs. The non-bank lender has increased its lending limit in New Zealand to cater to the needs of even more businesses.

Apr 10 2023

Last month, Bizcap secured its largest-ever deal by providing a retail and hospitality business owner in Sydney with $3.8m in bridging finance, to support a hotel refurbishment and cashflow needs. The borrower’s existing bank was unable to meet the company’s requirements, so they reached out to Bizcap. The loan was approved within two days – a huge shoutout to all those involved in closing this deal!

This deal showcases how we’re able to go above and beyond, to help our clients secure the funding they need – especially when the tradition lenders are not able to help.

Feb 09 2023

A report from Xero reveals that today’s inflationary and regulatory environment is taking a toll on small business owners across Aotearoa – and if you’re a small business owner in New Zealand, chances are you’ve encountered some financial challenges recently.

Nov 02 2022

Bizcap’s proposition as Australia’s most opn-minded lender is underlined by a 300 per cent growth over the past 12 months, at a time when many traditional and non-bank lenders were pulling back and putting tighter credits restrictions in place. Bizcap was willing to help. This growth resulted in Bizcap bolstering the team to meet demand for its service.

Apr 20 2021