Get the funds you
need to grow

  • Small business loans from $5K to $2M
  • Funding in as little as 3 hours
  • We look at more than just your credit score

Our Simple Process


1. Application

Our online application process takes less than 5 minutes to complete and gives us all the information we need to make an offer.


2. Assessment

Our team assess your application quickly, taking into consideration cash flow and general cash management.


3. Funding

If approved, you can have the funds in your account within 3 hours – even if you have existing loan facilities.

Our Criteria

Active ABN
Active NZBN

You need an active NZBN (New Zealand Business Number).

5 months in business
5 months in business

Your business must be trading for at least 5 months.

Monthly turnover
Monthly turnover

Your business needs to be turning over at least $12,000 per month.


What does Bizcap do?

Bizcap provides short term unsecured and secured business loans to Small Businesses across Australasia. We are the most open-minded lender in the market, and specialise in supporting those who need fast access to business finance. We welcome businesses:

  • with defaults or judgments from past hardships;
  • that have been declined from other lenders;
  • with poor credit scores, we have no minimum credit score requirements (no other lender offers this!); we lend businesses up to $2,000,000, with repayment terms from 3- 12 months.
How soon can I get funds?

Assuming you complete the Application correctly (it takes approximately 5 minutes), you can receive a loan offer within 2 hours. If approved, we can deposit the funds in to your account within 3 business hours. Funding can be held up when a customer provides us with partial or inaccurate loan documentation. If you need funds quickly, please just let your Account Manager know, and we can ensure to have your application prioritised.

How much can I borrow?

We provide loans from $5,000 to $2,000,000 and our loan terms vary from 3 to 12 months, with payment terms that are either daily or weekly. The total amount of your loan will depend on the specific circumstances of your business – we consider a variety of factors to determine the health of your business, and lend accordingly.

How does the process work?

We leverage our proprietary technology system and extensive underwriting experience to provide ‘out of the box’ solutions to our customers. This allows us to lend to customers that come from all walks of life and across a multitude of different industries. Once you complete your application (customer details and bank statements), we assess your file. From there, we provide you with an offer. If you’re happy with the loan offer, we can provide you the funds within 3 hours. Please note, you must be in business for at least 5 months, you must have an active ABN and your turnover must be over $12,000 a month (this requirement may be higher for certain industries).

What are our rates and how are they determined?

Each applicant’s cash flow, payment history, and financial strength is considered to determine a risk-adjusted repayment plan specific to that applicant. Payments are determined by factors such as: the amount and consistency of the business’s cash flow; the number of years the business has been in operation; the assets owned by the business; and the proposed use of funds. We charge a fixed fee on the loan which is agreed upon upfront. We do not penalise you for wanting to pay out your loan early either.

What factors affect loan application approval?

Factors include: the age of the business (as well as the revenue history); assets and credit history of the business and many other factors. All these factors help us build a comprehensive profile of the applicant.

How are loans repaid?

Loans are repaid through automatic deductions from the business’ bank account. Loans can be repaid either daily or weekly (excluding weekends and holidays).

Will you check my personal finances?

Although the business’ asset-profile and cash-flow are our primary concern, we do review the business’ and owner’s credit reports to identify current judgments, open bankruptcies, tax liens and other factors.

What can I use the funds for?

You can you use the funds for any business purpose. Below is what our customers generally use the funds for:

  • Expansions, renovations and unexpected repairs
  • Purchase stock and equipment
  • Extra Marketing
  • Hire more employees
  • Pay expenses
  • Cash flow
Can I repay early?

Yes, some of our customers repay early to save on interest. If you want to make extra repayments or pay off your loan early we won’t charge you any fees.

I have a loan with you, but I need more access to funds, can you help?

Once you’re halfway through your first loan with us, we can discuss giving you access to additional funding. We generally contact you at this point, see how your business is going and to see if we can assist further.

I already have a loan with another lender, can Bizcap help me?

In most cases, yes, a lot of our customers have received funding elsewhere but didn’t get access to the capital they needed. To find out if we can help, complete our application form and we’ll get back to you.

What type of Small Business loans does Bizcap offer?

Bizcap offers both unsecured business loans and secured business loans. Our loan sizes vary from $5,000 to $2,000,000.

Does Bizcap require personal guarantees?

Bizcap may take personal guarantee(s) from directors of corporate borrowers, directors of corporate guarantors and certain individuals.

Is any security required on a Bizcap Small Business loan?

When assessing a loan application, Bizcap generally does not take into account whether a prospective borrower has specific assets to provide as security.

If the loan amount is above $30,000 (or any other figure Bizcap determines from time to time), Bizcap will, under the loan agreement, take a charge over the assets of the borrower and its guarantor(s). Bizcap may register its security interest(s) on the relevant register including the Personal Properties Securities Register and the relevant land interests register. In certain instances, Bizcap may require specific security to be granted over assets. Examples of security (based on loan size and the customer’s individual circumstances) include charges over bank accounts, vehicles or other personal property or caveats over land.

When assessing a loan application, Bizcap generally does not take into account whether a prospective borrower has specific assets to provide as security.

Security and assets are not required for an application regardless of the loan amount.