With small business loans to expand your business…

What could you do?

Features of a Bizcap Unsecured Business Loan

Same day access to funds to cover one-off expenses or invest in your business

  • Borrow between $5K to $2M
  • Open minded offers (irrespective of existing loans, bad credit, defaults or judgements)
  • Funding in as little as 3 hours
  • Loan terms between 3 and 12 months
  • Flexible repayments and early payout available

Our Simple Application Process


Our online application process takes less than 5 minutes to complete and gives us all the information we need to make an offer.


Our team assess your application quickly, taking into consideration cash flow and general cash management.


If approved, you can have the funds in your account within 3 hours – even if you have existing loan facilities.

We Look at More Than Your Credit Score

Active ABN
Active NZBN

You need an active NZBN (New Zealand Business Number).

5 months in business
5 months in business

Your business must be trading for at least 5 months.

Monthly turnover
Monthly turnover

Your business needs to be turning over at least $12,000 per month.

Customer Examples

Industry Manufacturing
Loan Size $215,500
Loan Use Inventory
Credit Score 601
Turn Around Time 4 hours
Region Auckland
Industry Retail
Loan Size $35,000
Loan Use Cashflow
Turn Around Time 420
Turn Around Time 6 hours
Region Waikato
Industry Transport
Loan Size $9,500
Loan Use Inventory
Credit Score 671
Turn Around Time 3 hours
Region Wellington

FAQs About Bizcap Unsecured Business Loans

How do you qualify for an unsecured business loan?

If you’ve been in business for five months or more, have an active NZBN and over $12,000 of monthly revenue, we hope to be able to help. As New Zealand’s most open-minded lender, we look at several aspects of your business to provide you with funding.

How to apply for an Unsecured Business Loan

Just hit the ‘Apply’ button in the top right corner, and enter a few details (it’ll take five minutes). From there, we’ll match you with one of our Unsecured Loan Specialists who’ll get the information and documentation we need, and find the best solution for you. Alternatively, of course, you can call us on 0800 249 227.

What can Bizcap unsecured business loans be used for?

Anything you want, as long as it’s to do with your business! Some of the things our customers use our unsecured business loans for are:

  • Expansions, renovations and unexpected repairs
  • Purchase stock and equipment
  • Marketing
  • Hire more employees
  • Pay expenses
  • Cash flow
Does Bizcap require personal guarantees?

Bizcap may take personal guarantee(s) from directors of corporate borrowers, directors of corporate guarantors and certain individuals.

What are the fees and repayments?

The fees and repayments are tailored to your individual circumstances. They will be determined by your cash flow, payment history and general financial strength, as well as how many years you’ve been trading, your assets and what you’re using the funds for. Repayments are made either daily or weekly.

How long does it take to approve an unsecured business loan?

Three hours! Once we have your application, bank statements and any other supporting information we need, we will assess your file within a couple of hours, and all being well, we’ll make you an offer. Once you’ve agreed to the offer, the funds will be winging their way into your account. If you need funds in a hurry, just let your Account Manager know and they’ll fast track your application.

What is an unsecured business loan?

It’s a loan that’s not secured against your assets – such as your home or car. It’s assessed based on your cash flow, creditworthiness and other factors related to your business.

How are unsecured business loans repaid?

You can repay your unsecured business loan weekly or daily, and the repayment will automatically be taken from your business bank account.

Can I repay my unsecured business loan early?

You sure can! We don’t penalise you for doing so – there are no early repayment fees or anything like that. If you know you only need the capital for a short period – for example, to buy stock that you’ll sell in two or three weeks, let your Unsecured Loan Specialist know and we’ll arrange an early payment discount for you.

I already have a loan with another lender, can Bizcap help me?

Absolutely. Many of our clients have loans with other lenders.

I have a loan with you, but I need more access to funds, can you help?

Sure thing. If you’ve had a loan with us for at least seven weeks, give your unsecured loan specialist a call, and we’ll do our very best to help you again!

What are the interest rates, and how are they determined?

It differs from client to client. We call it a Factor Rate, and it’s a fixed fee on the term of the loan. It’s based on the risk assessment on your loan and, as you build a relationship with us, that Factor Rate will decrease. Your interest rate will depend on several things, including your cash flow, how long you’ve been in business, your assets and what you intend to use the funds for.

Will you check my personal finances?

No. We’re not a personal lender, so we don’t need to check your personal finances – unless your business transactions are going into your personal account. We just need your business bank statements. We will, of course, check the credit reports of the business and its owner(s).

How are repayments structured?

Repayments are made weekly or daily over the term of the loan, which can be anything from three to 12 months.

How much can I borrow from Bizcap?

We provide loans from $5,000 to $2,000,000 and our loan terms vary from 3 to 12 months, with payment terms that are either daily or weekly. The total amount of your loan will depend on the specific circumstances of your business – we consider a variety of factors to determine the health of your business, and lend accordingly.

What if I’m a startup business?

We usually need a minimum of five months’ trading history, however, if you have an existing business and need funding for a new venture, please get in touch and we’ll be able to quickly assess whether we can help you or not.

Why are the interest rates higher than a secured loan?

The interest rates on an unsecured business loan are higher than a secured loan as we don’t have any assets to guarantee repayment. Of course, that means that we can provide finance quickly as we don’t have to go through the paperwork needed to value property or vehicles!

“Bizcap’s purpose is to provide small to medium New Zealand businesses with loans in a simple and efficient manner. Bizcap will review the loan application from a prospective borrower and act within its rights and obligations under the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA). Further, Bizcap where relevant will act within the parameters of the Companies Act 1993 to ensure appropriate execution of a company to the contract.

Bizcap at its sole discretion will determine what security it requires from any party to the loan, being the borrower and any Guarantor/s if relevant in order to approve the loan.

Bizcap may request one or more of the following:

(a)         A registered or registerable security interest in accordance with the Personal Properties Securities Act 1999. Bizcap in any event specified under its loan agreement may enforce its legal interest as security against all relevant parties to the contract presently and after acquired property, specified collateral, or both; and

(b)         A charge over any or all real property, which can or will be registered by a charging order, caveat, sale order or a mortgage in accordance with the provisions stipulated in any or all the loan documents, and under the governing legislation in New Zealand being the Property Law Act 2007; and

(c)          A corporate and/or a personal guarantee whereby a guarantor guarantees the full execution of the obligations of the borrower and agrees to be wholly liable in their own capacity for any acts or omissions of the borrower. The guarantee will agree to forfeit their interests in their own real and or personal property to Bizcap in the event of a default under the loan they are a guarantor to.

Bizcap encourages all prospective borrowers, guarantors and any relevant entity that engages with Bizcap to seek independent financial and legal advice to ascertain the appropriateness before and after a loan application by Bizcap is approved.”