Why Bizcap is the Best Choice for Advisers Seeking to Fund Their Business Loan Clients

Why Bizcap is the Best Choice for Advisers Seeking to Fund Their Business Loan Clients

Apr 19 2023

Financial Advisers play a vital role in helping small businesses secure the financing they need to grow and succeed. If you’re a Financial Adviser looking to get your business loan clients funded, you should consider partnering with Bizcap.


Here are five reasons why:


Funding more, more often

Bizcap offers short-term business loans from $5,000 to $2,000,000. We also offer unsecured business loans up to $500,000, enabling you to match the unique needs of your client, to our offering. This means you can find the right financing solution for any business, regardless of its size or industry. We lend to clients from various industries, even those with defaults or judgements (even those who were previously declined).


Quick and easy application process

Bizcap has streamlined its application process to make it quick and easy for finance professionals to get their SME clients funded. With an online application and fast turnaround times, your client(s) can get the financing they need in as little as 3 hours.


Early repayment options

Bizcap offers shorter terms that are favourable to cash flow. We also offer early repayment discounts to help business owners manage their cash flow. This is perfect for clients who only require funds for a short period.


We look at more than just credit scores

We believe that small businesses should have fast access to the capital they need to grow, even if they don’t have the ‘perfect credit score’. Our systematic approach to assessing credit and risk means we really get to understand our clients – as a result, we access more than just their credit to get a better understanding of their business, and lend accordingly. 


Dedicated support team

Bizcap has a dedicated support team available to assist Financial Advisers and their clients throughout the loan process. Since the company’s inception back in 2019, we’ve partnered up with hundreds Finance Professionals and offered their SME clients fast and hassle-free funding – while also receiving industry-leading commission.


For more information on how our loan process works, visit this page. For customer success stories, visit our Reviews page. 


Overall, Bizcap is the best choice for brokers looking to get their business loan clients funded in New Zealand. With a wide range of loan options, a quick and easy application process, flexible repayment terms, competitive rates, and a dedicated support team, Bizcap is the perfect partner for helping small businesses succeed.


The Bizcap partnership offering is like no other, and if you haven’t already, it’s time to partner with Bizcap. With hassle-free solutions for clients and industry-leading commission for you, we make business loans easy!


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