What sets Bizcap apart is that “we are a fully private lender and have a no minimum credit score policy.” So says Bizcap Senior Business Development Manager Isaac Garson.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are being turned down by traditional lenders, he says in this video, but with its open-minded lending, Bizcap finds solutions.

That can include providing facilities to small businesses who don’t meet the stringent criteria of other lenders due to a poor credit score, default, judgment, past bankruptcy or ATO debt.

He also looks at how early-repayment discounts set Bizcap apart from other lenders.

“We offer substantial discounts in our rates if clients want to pay the loan off early”, says Garson.

While other financial providers penalise customers for early repayment, at Bizcap “they can save 60-70% of the loan”. Paying off a loan early not only relieves financial stress and improves cash flow; it also saves money.

Furthermore, we offer Business Bridging Finance, which caters to businesses that only need funds for a few weeks. In these cases, businesses can leverage their exit strategies to receive significant discounts on the cost of funds.

Watch Garson’s full video below to discover how Bizcap is leading the way in SME lending.