Bizcap, Australia’s most open-minded lender, has won the prestigious WeMoney Award for Outstanding Customer Service - Business Loans. The award recognises the speed, ease and accessibility that Bizcap affords small business owners across a range of industries and risk parameters in obtaining loans.

“We are proud to receive this recognition of our customer service, something we hold with the highest priority,” said Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director Zalman Blachman.

The award recognises Bizcap’s outstanding broker support function as well as its personalised customer support for small and medium business owners.

Bizcap’s broker, adviser and aggregator partners enjoy ongoing access to Bizcap’s dedicated Broker Support team, who spend all day every day answering brokers’ calls, workshopping scenarios, following up on stipulations, providing expert advice on client conversations, securing approvals and ensuring efficient funding.

Similarly, Bizcap’s small business customers enjoy a quick online application process and access to personalised, all-day support from real humans based in Australia, via email, phone or text, as well as a callback option.

The award also recognises Bizcap’s easy-to-use online services. SME owners can submit applications for a Bizcap loan entirely online in less than 5 minutes. All Bizcap requires to make them an obligation-free conditional offer are a few basic details about themselves, their business and their intended use of funds, as well as visibility over their bank statements. 

Bizcap doesn’t even need to conduct a credit check at this stage, which means applying for a Bizcap loan is completely risk-free, and won’t negatively impact the SME’s credit score.  

The award also acknowledges Bizcap’s speed. The lender prides itself on empowering SMEs with fast access to flexible business loans. Applications can be approved in as little as 3 hours for new customers and half an hour for existing customers, and once a business loan has been approved, Bizcap can issue funds in a matter of hours. 

“Through our open-minded lending and dedication to saying ‘yes’ more often, Bizcap empowers small and medium businesses at times of exciting growth or financial need, achieving positive outcomes for both our partners and SME customers,” says Co-Founder and Joint Managing Director Abraham White.

Our customer retention rate of 67 percent is testament to the satisfaction of SME owners. This award further illustrates the effectiveness of our approach.

WeMoney Founder and CEO Dan Jovevski commented: “We’re thrilled to announce that Bizcap has been recognised for their incredible achievements in 2024 WeMoney Business Awards.

“The award for ‘Outstanding Customer Service’ is a hallmark of recognition for Australian consumers and business-owners that helps them identify brands offering the best-of-the-best customer service in business finance. 

This award is presented to Bizcap as a business loan provider that demonstrates excellent customer experience above and beyond the traditional realms of service or lending, and has the highest weighted rating for this category in the program.

“The award is very  well deserved and is a testament to the success that Bizcap has seen across their suite of other awards.”

Bizcap has previously won the WeMoney awards for Best for Small Business Loans, Outstanding Customer Service - Business Loans and Best Business Overdraft, as well as being a finalist in the categories of Best Commercial Vehicle Loan and Best Innovation in Business Lending.

The Bizcap Difference: 

Bizcap is on a mission to empower small businesses with fast and flexible business loans. We service businesses across a range of industries and risk parameters, including those with judgments, defaults, existing loans and ATO debt. 

We understand that running a business is hard, so we don’t get deterred by bumps in the road. If we believe a business faces a viable opportunity, we will actively seek out a way to support it.

Unlike other lenders who reject applications based on a rigid set of criteria, we take into account both qualitative and quantitative factors to gain a holistic view of our customers’ financial situations and opportunities, to take a risk-assessed approach to lending. This allows us to say “yes” more often.

We also understand that in business, speed is of the essence. With our quick and easy applications and optimised end-to-end processes, we can approve SME loans from $5K to $5M in as little as 3 hours, with same-day funding. This enables business owners to plug urgent cash flow gaps and seize timely growth opportunities.

Furthermore, while other lenders penalise customers for early repayments, Bizcap  incentivises them with discounts.