Keeping New Zealand “business afloat at a very tough time” is one of Bizcaps' main priorities, according to Ziggy Munz, Bizcap’s New Zealand Business Development Manager.

This comes as the New Zealand Labor Market indicates that the economy has entered a recession, with GDP falling continuously over the past year.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are being abandoned by banks, particularly those looking for loans on a non-property backed basis.

Thousands of businesses are being left stranded by traditional lenders, which is where Bizcap’s game changing product comes into play, he says.

Bizcap provides a unique and flexible solution that ensures businesses have access to working capital to push through the difficult times.

Munz also looks at the massive opportunity for residential brokers to diversify into business lending.

“Bizcap makes it easy for people who don’t have a banking background to help clients make

sure they have the money they need to run their business” he explains.

Watch Munz’s full video below to discover why Bizcap is the most open-minded lender in New Zealand.