Bizcap has been helping Australian small-medium sized businesses grow their operations for a couple of years now, and last year launched in New Zealand to help NZ businesses in exactly the same way. 

One such business is a bakery and café on the North Island, which the current owners – a husband-and-wife team –purchased as an ongoing concern in 2019. 

After running the business for a couple of years, our clients wanted to give the business more than a lick of paint: they wanted to renovate the premises and replace the existing equipment but needed to access some financial support to enable them to do so. 

After searching online for a solution, the bakery owners got in touch with Bizcap, and spoke with Lending Specialist Paul to discuss their options. 

“Everything was easy and simple with Bizcap,” says our pastry and coffee-loving business person. 

“With banks, the process takes too long, and they need to contact our accountant, they need all of our financial statements, past tax statements and the list goes on – it’s very time consuming and costs a lot of money.

“With Bizcap, it didn’t take long for the money to come into your account, and it’s easy.”

At the end of 2021, Bizcap lent$25,000 to the business, and a further $12,500 earlier this year to fast-track further renovations and the purchase of additional equipment, which has already resulted in increased income as customers continue to be impressed with the popular venue. 

“I always want to improve my business but I want to keep my cash flow too,” explains our bakery star. 

“By taking out the loan we can repay small amounts regularly and it doesn’t impact our cash flow as we’ve got money coming in every day.”

Of course, throughout the majority of the time our bakery owners have been running the business, they’ve had to contend with Covid-19, and they’ve kept the business running throughout. 

“We didn’t get any support payments because we didn’t experience the 20 per cent decline,” they told us. 

“We kept going, and that’s the plan for the future – just to keep the business going and keep improving it.” 

Next on the horizon is finding a production outlet for the bakery’s pies, which have proven extremely popular indeed – with the plan to wholesale the pies to other bakeries too. 

“We’ll definitely be coming back to Bizcap to help us for that project,” the bakers say.