Bizcap, known as the most open-minded lender in the Australian and New Zealand market, has recently funded its largest ever deal, by providing a Retail and Hospitality Business Owner in Sydney with a $3.8 million secured business loan – in just 2 days.

The Client required bridging finance to support a hotel refurbishment and cash flow needs. Bizcap was able to offer a fast and efficient solution, when a loan facility with their existing bank couldn’t meet the business’ needs.

The Broker who facilitated the deal had this to say about the experience with Bizcap: “The process with Bizcap was smooth and seamless, despite the complex corporate structure of the customer. The team kept me in the loop the whole way through, and they were a pleasure to deal with.”

Bizcap offers unique selling points that make it an excellent choice for Brokers and SMEs looking for business funding. With non-asset backed business loans up to $500,000 and funding options up to $4 million, Bizcap has the capacity to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

“At Bizcap, we are pushing the envelope on traditional lending and are focused on delivering solutions for both Brokers and business owners alike”, says Rebecca del Rio, Chief Revenue Officer at Bizcap. “Our unique lending process considers more than just a credit score, and we are able to provide efficient funding options that meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.”

“Our Business Development Managers are here to work closely with Brokers, Accountants, and Finance Professionals to say ‘yes’ to even more customers, and help them secure the funding they need to grow their businesses”, she adds.

What sets Bizcap apart is its quick funding process – applications can be funded within three hours. Bizcap looks at more than just a customer’s credit score, lending to those with defaults or judgements, and even those previously declined by other lenders.

Bizcap is a low-doc business lender, requiring just a completed Loan Application and bank statements for conditional approval.

With a proven track record, and having helped over 15,000 Australian and New Zealand SMEs since the company’s inception, Bizcap has a strong reputation for providing reliable and effective funding solutions. Bizcap has also established partnerships with hundreds of Finance Professionals, offering their customers funding options that are fast and convenient.

Financial Advisors and Brokers, if you have clients in need of business funding, Bizcap is the answer. With a unique lending process that considers more than just a credit score, and the ability to provide quick and efficient funding options, Bizcap is an excellent solution to offer your clients.

What are you waiting for?
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We review, assess and, within a couple of hours, provide a conditional offer.
Once the offer is accepted, we complete the credit checks, send a contract via DocuSign and confirm the finer details.
You get paid your commission.

Remember, cash flow financing can be a great bridge-finance tool enabling your SME clients to maximise their growth opportunities this year!

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