At Bizcap we love helping small businesses succeed and recently we were able to help an experienced bricklayer, who launched his own residential and commercial business five years ago, keep his business going – and build solid foundations for the future.

“In the construction industry, you might not get paid for a month or two,” our bricklaying champion explains.

“I pay our employees every week, but if we don’t get paid for a month or six weeks, it can cause a problem – so we needed a bit of help to keep our cash flow going.”

Our brickie first talked to us in June 2020, and has since secured three additional rounds of short-term funding to help smooth over those cashflow bumps that are common in construction, with Bizcap being able to help to a total of $78,500.

Back in June 2020, when that first conversation took place, the world was facing many unknowns. A lot of them still exist, of course, however we have a far greater idea of the challenges we’re facing.

When that first conversation took place, the business’s employees numbered seven. Fast-forward seven months and the business had increased its headcount by almost 50 per cent – and the ambitions don’t end there.

Thanks to Bizcap, our brickie has been able to ease his cash flow concerns and is only too willing to recommend Bizcap to fellow small- and medium-size businesses.

“Bizcap has been great,” he says. “It was all done quickly over the phone, and the money was in the bank the same day.

“I’d recommend Bizcap to anyone with a small- or medium-size business.”

If you need some assistance in sourcing capital to further your business, contact us today and we’ll be sure to assist you.